• [June 27 2023] Registration result is posted.
  • [June 16 2023] IEEE CIS Education Competition Subcommittee decided to sponsor the first place ($500) for the best entry of the competition.
  • [June 13 2023] Competition rules are updated
  • [June 8 2023] Registration deadline is delayed to ┬áJune 20th (Tuesday) 2023
  • [Mar 2 2023] 2023 Competition page was created


Welcome to the home of the annual IEEE CoG StarCraft AI competition which is organized by the Cognition & Intelligence Lab (CILab) at GIST, Gwangju, Korea. It is sponsored by the IEEE Conference on Games (CoG).

During this competition, programs (“bots”) will play 1v1 Starcraft Broodwar games against each other using BWAPI, a software library that makes it possible to connect programs to the Starcraft: BroodWar game engine.

The purpose of this competition is to foster the development & evaluation of progress in AI development applied to real-time strategy (RTS) games and solve challenging issues in RTS game AI such as uncertainty, real-time processing, and managing & coordinating agents. Where feasible, the competition strives for openness, transparency, reusability and reproducibility, both in the way the competition rules are defined and evaluated, and in the bots themselves.

RTS games pose a much greater challenge for AI research than chess because of hidden information, vast state and action spaces, and the requirement to act quickly. The best human players still have the upper hand in RTS games, but in the years to come this will likely change, thanks to competitions like this one. IEEE CoG StarCraft competitions have shown significant progress in the development and evolution of new StarCraft bots. For the evolution of the bots, participants have used various approaches to write AI bots and it has enriched game AI and methods such as HMM, Bayesian model, CBR, Potential fields, and reinforcement learning. However, it is still quite challenging to develop AI for the game because it should handle many units and buildings while considering resource management and high-level tactics.

Getting Started (Tutorial Video)

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Submission example (Baselines)

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