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2021 Result

Competition Result

Detailed Result

  • 1st place, Stardust (CoG 2021)
  • 2nd place, BananaBrain (CoG 2021)
  • 3rd place, McRave (CoG 2021)

Congratulation! Stardust (by Bruce Nielson)

(Updated on 26 October 2021) Fix AI/READ/WRITE files (previously, it seems miss the files within subdirectories)

(Updated on 19 October 2021) Released Bot’s source code, ai/read/write files, questionaire result

Registration in this year

(Update in June 21st)

  • 4 participants, from the last year competition, enroll again, thank you!
  • 2 participants, new comer, glad to meet you.
  • PurpleWave-cog-2020 will be part in.
  • 3 cog-2019 bots also part in, because it showed good performance in the last year. (It might be the result of suffering errors for 4.4.0 bots, but anyway)
  • If participants, who are registered from the last year, are not submit, the last year submission will be included as entry.
  • (Add in July 6th) PurpleWave will be joined as entry. He was believe that he success to registration very early stage, but failed. Our registration system have no feedback for participant, so he didn’t know about failing registration. Therefore, we’ll accept his registration as entry without seed number. (About this discussion, please see #cog on June 21st, 2021)

※ In this year, I just reveal entry at this time (map list will be reveal after submission deadline – the process(also map list revealing) was in the last year is my fault, but it had already been happend, so I couldn’t go back.)