Welcome to Cognition & Intelligence Lab at Dept. of Computer Engineering in Sejong University!


  • [June 2018] InChang Baek was selected as a travel grant awardee for IEEE CIG 2018.
  • [Feb 2018] Our lab participated in 2018 NCSOFT AI Day (Link).
  • [Oct 2017] Our MJBOT participated in the Human vs. StarCraft AI match (Results)
  • [June 2017] Cheong-Mok Bae will do a summer internship at NCSoft.
  • [June 2017] Kyung-Joong Kim organized a software demo/implementation contest (Webpage)
  • [June 2017] JiHoon Jeon received a good paper award from KCC 2017 (Link).
  • [Mar 2017] Our lab will organize a new Game Data Mining Competition with ETRI and NCSOFT at IEEE CIG 2017 (https://cilab.sejong.ac.kr/gdmc2017/).
  • [Dec 2016] Our lab members (HyunSoo Park, SeongHun Yoon, and ManJe Kim) visited ICELab at Ritsmeikan University (http://www.ice.ci.ritsumei.ac.jp/).
  • [Aug 2016] ByungHo Yoo received student travel grant award at IEEE CIG 2016.
  • [Sep 2015 ~ Aug 2016] Prof. Kim leaves on Sabbatical at Human Computer Interaction Institute @ Carnegie Mellon University.
  • [Mar 2016] An Interview about StarCraft from Man-Je Kim was conducted by DongaScience Reporter. Watch Video Interview here
  • [Jan 2016] Cheong-mok Bae and Seonghoon Yoon received a Good Paper Award from Undergraduate Student Paper Competition @ KIISE Winter Conference.

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