S40PX0MHGAM-375A 7X 1M100300
10 (-.005/-.014) mm Dia, 375mm Long, 416 ST. Steel Shaft10 (-.005/-.014) mm Dia, 300mm Long, 303 ST. Steel Shaft
S40PX0MHGAM-280A 7X 1M060400
10 (-.005/-.014) mm Dia, 280mm Long, 303 ST. Steel Shaft6 (-.004/-.012) Dia, 400mm Long, 303 ST. Steel Shaft
Self Lubricating Bronze Bearing 10.02mm Bore 15.9mm Panel Hole diameterSelf Lubricating Bronze Bearing 6.02mm Bore 14.5mm Panel Hole diameter
GT (2mm) pitch, 18 Teeth, Aluminum alloy Timing PulleyGT (2mm) pitch, 15 Teeth, Aluminum alloy Timing Pulley, 6mm length (6mm length로 대체)
A6A51M015DF0904A 7Y 5MF0804G
GT (2mm) Pitch, 15 Teeth, Aluminum alloy Timing Pulley, 9mm lengthFlanged- ni sheild ball bearing. 4mm Bore Dia. 8mm Outer Diameter, Stainless/ISO 6
A 5X 9M0406A 7X 1M100300
Rigid Coupling with bores of 4 / 6MM on Opposite Sides4 (-.004/-.012) Dia, 25mm Long, 303 ST. steel shaft
A 7C 2M108040A 6R51MC060
4MM Bore, 8MM O.D, 5MM WIDE, STEEL/Zinc. PLATE, COLLAR STYLE3mm GT2 pitch, 6mm Wide, Open ended Neoprene Belt
Metric 18-8 SS Button Head Socket Cap Screw M4 Size, 16 mm Length, .7 mm PitchMetric Brass Threaded Insert for Thermoplastc Tapered, M4x.7 Internal Thread, 4.7mm Length
Metric Class 12.9 Socket Head Cap Screw Alloy Stl, M2.5 Thread, 16mm Length, 0.45mm pitchMetric Brass Threaded Insert for Thermoplastc Tapered, M2.5-.45 Internal Thread, 3.4mm Length
Brass Threaded Insert for Thermoplastics Tapered, 6-32 Internal Thread, .150“ Length1/4-20 brass threaded inserts; 0.3inch length
Rubber Foot; 1/4-20 X1/2inch thread; 1inchdiameter 25lb ratedStainless Steel washers .016” thick .15“ID .27”OD
#6-32 thumb screw 1/2“ length#6-32 Button head hex socket, 1/2” long 18-8 stainless steel
#6-32 Flat Square Nut; Steel; 5/16inch OD; 7/64inch thickSM062 motor
SM062 motorSM062 motor
snap hub (SM-HUB6)snap hub (SM-HUB6)
Metric Class 4.6 Plain Steel Threaded Rod, M3 size, 1 meter length, .5 mm Pitch, 140mm req'dMetric 18-8 SS Round Knurled Thumb Nut, M3 screw, 12mm Head Dia, .5mm Pitch
A 1P 2MYD08035DA 1P 2MYD08035B
6mm bore, 28mm pitch dia. 16mm hub dia.4mm bore, 28mm pitch dia. 16mm hub dia.
A 7Y 5MFSS0603G
mm Bore, 6mm Outside Dia., 440C Stainless / ISO 6 Ball bearing, lube with Grease (Beacon 325)

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